Nov 12, 2012

Famous Fictional Worlds

I made these for Dan Zettwoch's annual Famous Fictional Show at the Mad Art gallery in St. Louis. Over 30 artists made pieces based in the realms of popular culture: movies, novels, television, comics, mythology, children’s literature, poetry and beyond. Depicting people was not allowed. Just the places, things, animals etc. Being a Seinfeld fan I chose to create different versions of Kramer's apartment. In the series we rarely see his place except when he ventures into one of his radical experiments in interior design.

 "The Merv Griffin Set"-Kramer finds the Merv Griffin set in a dumpster near his apartment. He decides to reconstruct it in his home and proceeds to host a fake talk show there.

"Anytown USA"-Frank Costanza gives Kramer his broken screen door which inspires him to decorate the front of his apartment and give it an all American look.
 "Kenny's Red Light"- A Kenny Rogers Roasters opens up across the street from Kramer. The red neon light disrupts his sleep causing him and Jerry to switch apartments...and personalities.