Mar 12, 2012

OC Weekly and The Improper Bostonian

This one was for the OC Weekly. I was really excited when Laila Derakhshanian asked me to do something for this story because it was a more serious subject than what I have been getting for assignments lately. The story involves a cop who was abusing his wife and was able to get away with it for a long time because he asked other officers to look the other way. Read the story here.

This next one is for The Improper Bostonian. It was a really funny article about the different outrageous requests hotel guests have for the staff. Some of them were: Flying in a helicopter from Boston to New Jersey to get special yogurt, having an indoor lawn trimmed so that the guest's dog can go to the bathroom comfortably, and having a zoo keeper bring animals to the room for the guest's child. I also did a few spots for the rest of the hotel package.
AD: Nicole Begin

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